by: Saara Turunen (Finland)
Directed by: Tracy Cameron Francis

“If you had to choose, which would you dedicate yourself to: ART or LOVE?”

Two week limited engagement!
Sept. 29, 7pm-followed by opening party
Sept 30, 6:30 & 8:30 (press night)
Oct. 6 (6:30 & 8:30)
Oct. 7, 2:00 followed by a closing day brunch

The Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Tickets are $18 and can be purchased HERE

Opening September 29, New York audiences will have the chance to experience the hit Finnish play “BROKEN HEART STORY” which will be presented as a multi-media dance-theatre work  in english translation.

BROKEN HEART STORY is a story of ART and LOVE. The main characters are a political writer and her complete opposite, a vain and love-hungry scatterbrain. Both women seek happiness in the way they see best, but also fettered by the definitions and expectations of the world surrounding them. In the end, the women’s conflicting conceptions of freedom and perhaps a genuine lack of it lead them face to face on the brink of a momentous decision.

The play delves into questions of identity, choices, and how to live to achieve happiness. The play doesn’t offer answers or guidance. Instead, it paints a humorous, poetic, absurd landscape overflowing with questions such as:

“ Can art change reality? When did you last comfort someone else? Do you like ketchup? Do you like driving fast? Where does the soul reside? When did you cry last? What do you think about theatre? Do you watch F1 races sometimes? Is it raining over there? What is love?”

And ultimately asking:  “If you could choose,  which would you dedicate yourself to, art or love? You would only be able to choose one. And you would not have the other.”

Directed by Tracy Cameron Francis and performed by Rebecca Martinez , Celeste Muniz, Adam Boncz, Isobel Bruce, and Mary Notari. With original compositions by Ryan Anthony Francis, lighting by Mike Megliola, and video work by Ethan Stickley and Jarrod Barretto.

Ingenue Theatre is a grassroots theatre company based in Bushwick, New York with a commitment to producing new works and cultivating collaborations between artists.

Sponsored by: NORD Water, Northeast Kingdom, Guacoco Arepas, Mama Joy’s and Bushwick Kitchen.
Artwork by Jarrod Barretto, Photos by Rivers Reed


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